How Much CO2?

The following question was raised by a superyacht owner at a Boat International Explorer Yacht Summit at The Monaco Yacht Club.

"Can anyone tell me the CO2 emissions from my yacht use?"

What was striking that many industry professionals didn’t know either!

"After all, if we do not know the size of the problem, how can we possibly change it?"

There are a multitude of emissions in a full life cycle analysis (LCA) including those from equipment, materials and production. However, the CO2 from the fuel burnt and electricity consumed in the operational cycle, are by far the most significant and not hard to calculate.

If you are concerned, or just curious about your charter, yacht, or fleet CO2 emissions, simply enter your data into the calculators below:

  • CO2 Emissions by Consumption
  • CO2 Emissions by ME and Genest Power


  1. IMO Tank-to-Wake Factor 3.206 t/CO2 per tMGO/MDO
  2. At this stage the carbon intensity of electrical power in the Caribbean is not included due to the availability of reliable data. However, as with many small islands, they are likely reliant on fossil fuels for power generation, so a country like Cyprus may offer a useful comparison.
  3. *Cars – based on EU average passenger car – 118 gCO2/km and distance of 12,000 km’s


  1. *For main engines a specific fuel consumption of 190 g/kWh is used. 
  2. **For generators a specific fuel consumption of 210 g/kWh is used.

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